Troop 68, BSA

Merit Badge Procedures

When a scout decides to begin working on a merit badge, the first step he should take is to speak with Mr. Abrahamson and let him know which badge he would like to begin.  At that time, Mr. Abrahamon will give the scout a blue card and a list of merit badge counselors in our district that the scout will contact to discuss and/or set up a meeting time that works for both of them to being working on the badge.


It is advisable that the scout speak to the troop Librarian at one of the troop meetings to see if we have the merit badge book in our library prior to purchasing one at the council scout store.  All books must be signed out with the librarian and returned upon completion of the badge. Merit Badge books that you have already purchased and are no longer in use can always be donated to our library, and would be appreciated.


The merit badge worksheet is another useful tool, all of the worksheets that correspond to the merit badge books can be found at: