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Troop Gear and Grub

Scouts are responsible for their own personal camping gear while our Troop provides the tents, stoves, pots, pans and cooking utensils for our campouts.  We expect our families to support our troop by sharing in transporting our Scouts and gear to and from campsites.


Each patrol's menu is planned at the troop meeting's before the campout.  One member of each patrol will be the designated "Grubmaster".  The Grubmaster will purchase the patrol's food and supplies for the campout.  The members of the patrol are responsible to pay their grub fee to the Grubmaster at the troop meeting before the campout.  As the food is purchased in advance; payment is expected even if you are unable to attend the event.


Adult's attending campouts will also take turns being the "Adult Grubmaster".



Fee for grub: $15.00 per scout / per campout (payable to Grubmaster) which covers breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. 


Activity /Campground fees: TBD per campout and will be announced at the troop meeting, however, fees typically range from $5.00 - $20.00 (payable to Mr. Spalla)


Adults attending campouts will also be responsible for the same costs as the Scouts, however, all fees for adults (grub and activity/campsite) are payable to Mr. Spalla. 



The Troop provides tents, pots, pans and cooking utensils for our campouts. Gear is issued for each campout and it is the responsibility of the designated member(s) of each patrol (the "Gearmaster(s)") to attend gear pick-up which will take place at St. Theresa's gear room on the Wednesday before the campout at 6:30pm.  Scouts must sign-out gear with the Quartermaster and bring it with them to the campout.


Each Scout will also be expected to take their share of gear home after the campout, making sure it is clean, dry and in good condition. Gear return is held prior to the next troop meeting at 7:00pm. Scouts should arrive at the gear room, check the equipment back in with the Quartermaster and notify the Quartermaster if any of the gear is in need of repair or replacement.