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Troop Information

Serving boys for over sixty five years Troop 68 runs a twelve-month scouting program. Each week the troop meets at St. Theresa church to develop the skills that we will take into the outdoors. Our weekly meetings contain sections devoted to planning, administration, skill development and physical activity. The weekly meetings also serve to give the boys the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.


This is a boy led organization. The boys are organized into groups, of six to eight, which are called patrols. Each patrol elects its own patrol leader and assistant. The Troops activities are planned by the Patrol Leaders Council or 'PLC' which consists of the Patrol Leaders as well as the Senior Patrol consisting of the Senior Patrol leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Scribe, Quartermaster and troop Guides. The Senior Patrol Leader runs the troop's activities. The Scoutmaster and assistants serve to advise and guide the scouts through this boy led program. The adult leaders are tasked with monitoring and supporting the activities of the troop to ensure the safety of all.


In addition to our weekly meetings, each month a one or two night camping experience is planned. Normally the troop will attend all of the Connecticut Yankee Council activities. Camporees are usually scheduled in October, January and May. During the other months our campouts have been held at scout camps, town parks, state parks and at various other facilities across Connecticut.


July is reserved for our extended summer trip. The summer trip changes destination each year. In the recent past we have gone to Washington DC, Boston MA, Mount Washington NH, Philadelphia PA, and are planning on going to Mount Washington NH this summer.


In August Troop 68 attends Boy Scout summer camp at Yawgoog Scout reservation Rockville RI. Yawgoog is one of the largest reservations in the country and encompasses three camps all surrounding Yawgoog pond. Each camp has it's own facilities including their own waterfront area. Troop 68 camps at Camp Sandy Beach.


Throughout the year our boys are also involved in service to both the troop and our community. Troop activity and planning year September 1st through August 31st.


Membership: Open to all boys age 10 ½ with Arrow of Light; otherwise ages 11 through 17. Scouts do not have to reside in Trumbull or be a member of St. Theresa Parish.

Meetings: Friday nights (September to June)

Where: St Theresa's Church, Skelly Hall (school gym) unless otherwise notified

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Scoutmaster: Michael Abrahamson, 203-459-0482 or



ALL new members must fill out a Boy Scout application; even if currently a registered Cub or Boy Scout. Remove the top sheet of the application. It contains important information, which you should read.


Annual Dues

See dues policy page.



  • Long or short sleeve Scout shirt.
  • Red neckerchief with gold embroidered edge and Troop 68 Logo (issued by the troop).
  • Scout neckerchief slide.
  • Scout belt (web style).
  • Scout pants/shorts.
  • Scout socks.
  • Official Scout cap (Troop 68 has our own caps).


Insignia for shirt: Connecticut Yankee Council BSA strip, white on red Troop numerals, 68 with 65 year bar patch (issued by the troop, the 65 year patch denotes our Troop's longevity).


Note: Should either the annual dues or uniform cost present a severe financial hardship, please talk to the Scoutmaster. Financial hardship will not be a reason to keep any boy from joining Boy Scouting or Troop 68.



  • Boy Scout Handbook (required for every meeting and event).
  • Boy Scout Fieldbook (optional).


All uniform clothing, components, insignia, and books can be purchased at Connecticut Yankee Council BSA headquarters at 60 Wellington Road in Milford. Phone number is (203) 876-0013. Hours may vary but are usually Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 10AM to 2PM.


Uniform Attire

Scouts should attend each weekly Troop meeting in full uniform (Class A. If he is on a tight schedule such as coming from or going to some athletic event, the boy's room at St. Theresa's provides a place to change. If the Scout wants to take off the uniform for the game portion of the meeting, that is fine. He will need to put the uniform back on for the rest of the meeting.


Uniforms must be worn by a Scout for a Scoutmaster's Conference, Board of Review and Eagle Project presentation whether held as part of a regularly scheduled Troop Committee meeting or another separately arranged time.


Uniforms are to be brought to all campouts, they will be worn during formal opening and closing ceremonies worship service and the evening meal at a minimum. At some events the uniform is worn during the entire event. Check requirements for each event.


The uniform should be clean and in good condition at the beginning of any activity and the uniform should be worn proudly with the shirt tucked into the pants or shorts which are to be worn at the waist. The neckerchief, hat and socks (with shorts) are part of the required uniform.


Uniform Exchange

As a service to Scouts, the Troop has the 'Uniform Exchange' where usable uniform clothing, outgrown by boys, as well as some other winter clothing or camping gear is made available at no cost to Troop members. The Uniform Exchange inventory is brought to each Court of Honor and to the first meeting of each month. If you can use items, or have some to contribute, please make use of the exchange.



The Boy Scout model of organization is boys leading boys. Adults are present to advise and assist the operation of meetings and events; not to control them. The only exception would involve safety concerns.


The Troop consists of several patrols of up to eight Scouts each. A Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader are selected from eligible, capable, and willing Scouts by the patrol members. The patrol meets at Troop meetings and may have additional meetings of its own.


New Scouts are placed in Patrols as they join our troop. The new patrols are coached by a Troop Guide who is an older boy who will help them become familiar with the operations of the troop and with their advancement. The Troop's Adult Leaders also help to ensure the success of each new scout. The objective is to have each boy complete "Scout" rank within a month, "Tenderfoot" within two to three more months, and a become "First Class" Scout within a year of joining the Troop. Actual advancement is dependent on each individual's abilities and initiative. Parental support during the first few months is also vital.


The Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader belong to the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) headed by the Troop's Senior Patrol Leader. The PLC plans all Troop activities based on suggestions from Scouts with guidance from the Scoutmaster and approval of the Troop Committee. The PLC usually meets the last Sunday of each month, September through June, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Scoutmaster's home with the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chairman.



The Troop usually participates in Fall, Winter, and Spring camporees sponsored and conducted by our District or Council. On all other months the Troop will campout on its own. The Connecticut Yankee Council awards the Year Around Camper patch for camping out and preparing a meal at least one night for TWELVE CONSECUTIVE months. Many of our Scouts regularly receive this award.


Scouts and parents are responsible for all personal camping gear and transportation to and from campsites. Before buying any camping equipment, we suggest you talk to one of the Troop's Adult Leaders. Food is normally planned and bought by one designated member (the 'grubmaster') of each Patrol. The grubmaster also collects each Scout's share of the cost. Depending upon the number of meals and the menu, the food cost per scout is usually $15.00 or less. There may also be activity or event fees depending on the nature of the campout. Occasionally, each Scout may be requested to bring his own meals. For most campouts, the Scout is expected to bring a bag meal, usually a sandwich and beverage for the first meal of the campout. If the campout starts Friday night this would be supper, otherwise, it is Saturday's lunch.


The Troop provides tents, pots, pans and cooking utensils for our campouts. Gear is issued for each use and should any damage or loss occur the cost of the gear will be charged to those who are responsible.


(See Handbook for specific equipment needed.)


Summer Trip

Each year during July the Troop takes a four or five day trip and campout. The destination is determined by Patrol Leader's Council and by the logistics required in organizing a specific trip. Recent trips have included touring Washington DC and Manassas Battlefield, hiking Mount Washington, Gettysburg including viewing a reenactment of the battle, Mount Greylock, and Cape Cod MA.


Long-Term Overnight Camp

Each summer, in August, the Troop will camp for a full week at Camp Yawgoog in Rockville, Rhode Island.


Troop Committee

The Troop Committee consists of adults who are interested in Scouting. The Troop Committee's primary responsibilities are to review and approve the Troop program and activities and to select and approve the Troop's Adult Leaders. All parents are encouraged to join the Committee, which meets as required to administer the business of the Troop, conduct Board of Reviews and review Eagle project proposals.


Each Troop Adult Leader and committee member is requested to contribute the fee needed annually to register with the Boy Scouts of America.


Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are held the first Monday of each month, September through June, from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Every parent is invited to attend each meeting. This is the one time a month where important information is communicated and decisions on future activities are made. The success of the Troop depends on each parent's support of our activities. Each parent is encouraged and expected to participate in at least one Troop activity per year (e.g. fundraiser, campout, trip planning, Court of Honor). There are many jobs to running the Troop, which can utilize your skills or talents.


Troop Calendar

An annual calendar of planned Troop events is prepared each July and updated periodically as needed. A calendar of Troop activities for the following month(s) is distributed at the parents meeting.


Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to accompany Scouts on campouts or trips. This participation is not mandatory. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your boy, meet other adults and leaders, and contribute to the operation of the Troop. As stated in the Camping section, parents are responsible for transportation to and from all Troop activities unless otherwise notified. If you personally are unable to transport your son, arrangements with another parent can usually be made.