Troop 68, BSA
Troop 68, BSA
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Dues Information


Annual Dues

1st Child   Each Additional Child
$180   $150


The Troop year is from September 1st to August 31st. Dues are non-refundable.


Please remit the total amount due by check payable to: BSA, Troop 68 no later than September 30th. If the Scout has a balance in his Scout Account that you would like to use to offset the cost of annual dues, please contact the Treasurer. If payment is not received before the end of November, the Scout will not be rechartered in the Troop.


Note: Should either annual dues or uniform cost present a severe financial hardship, please talk to the Scoutmaster. Financial hardship will not be a reason to keep any boy from joining Boy Scouting or Troop 68.



The Troop holds Fund Raising activities in order to give each boy the opportunity to help pay their own way. Profit from fund-raisers is the amount left after paying for goods sold. For example, if the total sales is $100 and the cost of the fundraiser is $65 (65%), the profit is $35 (35%).


The profit that each scout earns goes directly to the Scout's account. This is to be used for participation in Boy Scout activities (e.g. Yawgoog, Summer Trip, YLT, Jamboree and Fall, Winter and Spring Camporee fees.